Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dia de la Tierra, Part 2: El Salon Municipal

The hand-painted logo of la JEM hung at the entrance, while the rest of the banners hung from the rafters or on stage. I was envisioning a United Nations type thing, with large banners all in rows. We didn´t have enough, but it was impressive nonetheless. We started the event off with some activities, including dynamicas and a large banner of handprints in order to remember the event. We painted a quick banner to hang outside, inviting the people in from the packed market in the street.

People were invited to sign Jem´s promise, which states, I will plant a tree for the pure air of tomorrow, I will take care of the water so that tomorrow thirst will not be known, I will pick up a piece of trash to give hope to my community. In return they received a green and blue bracelet.
This is the banner from the jóvenes in San Pablo, it reads For an eternal kiss of water in pure mountain, I will have in mind that thirst is quenched with water.
The banner from the kids (ages 5-12) in Linda Vista. Because of it´s size and the shape of the globe used for the painting, it was one of the most eye-catching banners.

Near the stage, we did more dynamicas, danced, sang, and listened to the talented muscians do there thing. The leaders of la JEM spoke about the importance of taking care of the environment and I said a few words, too.